Artist Statement

My lifelong approach to art-making has always been led by a desire to adventure into nature. These forays allow me to confront infinite unexpected moments in the natural world, transforming wild supernatural into pure inspiration for my paintings.

In my paintings I push beyond the representational depiction of a scene to include a glimpse of the emotion of my connection to a place.

I have been relentlessly painting a vision of Haida Gwaii one surface at a time both Plein Air and in my studio. The paintings express the intangible soul stirring moments which define my vision of that place while remaining illustrative enough to invite the viewer to consider their own journey to the scene.

Currently my creative efforts have been focused on safely epanding my exploration of Haida Gwaii during the COVID 19 pandemic. I have a planned exhibition of new works for spring 2021 entitled Connected Realm.

Over 15 years ago my adventures led me to Haida Gwaii. Here I find inspiration in both the raw and wild landscape as well as the Haida people who continue to live passionately, unequivocally connected to the land.

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